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Home Needed (July 2017)


I'm sorry to report that the small colony of five cats - Bear and co - will not be going to a lovely new home afterall. We had reached the stage where visits had been carried out and measurements taken to fix a mesh door to the stable, but yesterday the most nervous of the group, Buble, who always ran away when his feeders arrived, didn't run away. Knowing something must be seriously wrong he was caught and taken to the emergency vets last night. There he was put on a drip while blood tests were taken followed by further examination and an abdominal scan. This morning it was confirmed he had FIP. He was regretfully put to sleep but not until his main feeder and carer for many months, and the person whom he trusted most, was by his side. This now leaves us with a problem once again. Although the other four cats appear fit and well, we don't know if they're carriers of FIP. There isn't a test to prove this. Many cats carry the coronavirus, including domestic pets, but they might never develop FIP. We now need a loving home where these four cats can live together if possible, Bear (grey) and Faye (black) are mum and dad and both are tame, love to be stroked and can even be picked up by their feeder. The two smaller ones are their grown kittens and are still nervous but improving. As they are not true ferals it wouldn't be necessary for the home just to be a farm/smallholding/stables.   

If your home has room for these cats, we could even consider providing an outdoor run (link below). If you can help, please email feralcatwelfare@aol.com with as much information about your situation as possible so we can try and find the right home for the cats before developers demolish their shelter.


Finding a stray or feral cat(s)

If you find stray and feral cats in need of help, in the first instance please contact a local charity a list of which you will find on Catchat as, due to being a Trust and no longer carrying out trapping, fostering and rehoming, we won't be able to respond quickly.  There are some wonderful small charities listed on Catchat that you  may not have heard about as they are not National and don't have funds to advertise themselves widely.  If you do seek help I'm sure the volunteers running the charities would appreciate your input and assistance - eg: feeding the cats until something can be done, providing shelter such as a box on its side covered with a binliner or a kennel, shed etc.  Rarely can volunteers act immediately and need time to organise rescue. Feeding the cats regularly gives the trappers a location to start with.  Any small gesture at this point goes a long way to helping charities deal with the situation. Thank you.