Feral Cat Welfare - Welcome

 Registered Charity No:  1138335


 Finding a stray or feral cat(s)

If you find stray and feral cats in need of help, in the first instance please contact a local charity, a list of which you will find on Catchat - they share the details of national and smaller self-funding volunteer-run charities around the whole of the UK.  You can also try Cats Protection which is also UK wide.  Feral Cat Welfare is a very small charity but may be able to assist you with food and  veterinary costs as long as funds allow.

If you do seek help from another charity I'm sure they would appreciate your input and assistance - eg: feeding the cats until something can be done, providing shelter such as a box on its side covered with a binliner or a kennel, shed etc. Rarely can volunteers act immediately as they often carry out rescue work around their own work and family commitments. Feeding the cats regularly gives the trappers a location to start with.  Any small gesture at this point goes a long way to helping charities deal with the situation. Thank you.

(the cat and kitten in above picture are two of a colony of 20 we are supporting)