How we began and our purpose

The History of Feral Cat Welfare

Since 1997 the trustees of FCW had worked as volunteers for a Branch of Cats Protection in Leeds until it was closed in January 2010 by the National Cat Centre. As well as taking in and caring for unwanted domestic cats, the Branch had been supporting feral cats by neutering and providing food thus preventing their numbers from increasing and reducing their suffering.  Knowing the struggle feral and timid strays face, being the least popular of cats and the most persecuted, the trustees wanted to try and continue helping those that had once been supported regularly by the Branch and do whatever they could to help those that would come to their attention in the future.  Feral Cat Welfare was formed in March 2010 by two volunteers.


    Our main aim is to support the feral colonies with which we are already involved by providing food and veterinary treatment when necessary.  We also support ex ferals that are already in our long-term care and contribute towards the cost of  veterinary treatment for strays and ferals being cared for by members of the public when funds allow.