Happy Endings 

Timmy, Jinx and Madge

These three cats were rescued from living on allotments as kittens.  They were all very timid at first but in foster care they learnt to trust.  After over a year in care they were lucky enough to be offered a wonderful home together despite Madge still being very timid.  We knew a move would set them back but with the right people in the right home we also knew that they'd soon settle.  Here is their update:

17 April 2014: Things are going well. Timmy is very happy, pottering round the conservatory all day, comes when he sees or hears some Dreamies (!) and is happy to be picked up for a (brief) cuddle. Loves being fussed. Not bothered about the dogs, very purry and content. All are eating well and are scrupulous about using their tray. Our old cat Smudge spent a few hours in the conservatory with them the other day, which went off very well. Bit of hissing from her but nothing nasty, and then she got bored and had a nap. The other three not concerned at all.

We'd seen quite a bit of Jinx but just yesterday afternoon, he and Timmy both came up to Richard as he sat in the conservatory, and were both eating treats from his hand, then, little Madge appeared and sat by the sofa watching.....and since then we've seen all three in daylight, pottering round and playing.

The progress over the last day or so has been remarkable, and great to see. They're smashing little cats and we are both loving having them in the family.

23 April 2014: More good news! Last night I had all three of them eating treats from my hand, and both Jinx and Timmy rolling over for tummy tickles. They're doing well and all three are out and about in the conservatory all day long. Of course they'll be in for a while yet, but I'm very pleased with how they're coming on.

Justine (April 2014)

Shelby (now Misty), Simone (now Willow) and Jess

Jess came into our care as a heavily pregnant stray.  She produced four pretty tortoiseshell kittens despite being black and white herself which was an interesting surprise!  Luckily because she came into our care she received everything she needed before and after giving birth and the kittens weren't left to become feral, suffering the same plight of so many other homeless and feral cats.  We were so pleased when Jess and two of her kittens were offered a home - together!  Here is their recent update:

As Jess' young ones are one today, we thought we would drop you a quick note about how they're getting on.  In the main they're house cats although Jess loves to hop over the fence and explore the neighbours' gardens but doesn't go far or stay away too long.  Misty and Willow seem quite content playing in the garden, at least for now. 

Misty is the serious one.  She loves to play but there's an intensity to it that makes you think she takes her play-time seriously.  She's also the most to use her claws to get what she wants so she keeps us on our toes!  We had to redecorate the living room because she liked (or perhaps didn't like!) the wallpaper we had - so now we haven't got wallpaper anywhere in the house.  Misty, the interior designer! 

Willow is adorable.  Of the three she's the one that will settle on your lap for hours on end.  But this affection comes with a price - she is by far the naughtiest of them all.  We can't trust her with anything - if she can get it into her mouth then it's fair game in her eyes, so she also keeps us on our toes!  Jess is coming into her own.  She will clamber over us when she wants attention and will come and sit next to us.  Jess is certainly happy when her kittens are out of sight but they do get on well enough.  All three are great company and have settled in very nicely.

John and Helen (April 2014)


Scooby came into our care when we were asked by the staff at a veterinary practice if we could help as she was destined to be put to sleep.  At 14 years of age she had lived a happy life with her family until children came along and due to her long-term habit of soiling on the lawn and not using her litter tray she had to go.  We were told by her owners that as she sometimes used the lawn it meant the children couldn't play on the grass in the summer and, although they found the decision to get rid of her upsetting, they were not willing to continue clearing up after her.  Luckily we were able to find an emergency foster space for this unwanted cat who spent most of her time hiding behind a curtain in the bedroom.  As time has passed Scooby's fosterers have fallen in love with her and have now offered her a permanent home despite an ongoing problem of soiling.  Scooby doesn't particularly like going outdoors but isn't forced into doing so.  Whereas she used to hide behind the curtain in her old home, in her new home she rules the roost and can't wait for her new carers to sit down so she can demand their undivided attention!  Here is their recent update:

Scooby's fine, she still chases the youngsters (she never catches them) and after a spotless start she is having accidents on the floor beside her litter tray.  But always in the same place, always on a mat.  I expect this is the real reason her previous owners didn't want her, but we adore her - I suspect it is an age thing and I can't imagine having her that long and not wanting her any more because of a little inconvenience.  She is funny and chatty and has the grumpiest face ever and she makes us laugh every day.  She is sociable with all our visitors, demanding they tickle her big belly which is her favourite thing ever.

When the weather picks up we'll start letting her out the house and work on her manners with the youngsters, but she has shown no inclination for outside so far. She is a heat addict, so she usually sleeps near a radiator or in front of the stove, or wedged against someone's leg on the sofa.  Can't imagine anyone will take her, because of the toilet habits, so I guess she's here to stay!

Ruth (January 2014)

 Harry (ex feral kitten)

Harry was a feral kitten living on allotments until we took him into our care.  He gradually trusted his fosterer and would let her stroke and fuss him, but when he was offered a home we knew a move would set him right back.  During the first week his new owner contacted us daily, worried about Harry who was hiding, crying, calling for his brother and sister, and would have nothing to do with the new person in his life who was trying so hard to befriend him.  Fortunately although that first week was very stressful for both Harry and his new carer she didn't give up on him and with lots of time and patience a wonderful bond has been established - as we knew it would!  Feral and semi-ferals make the most loving and loyal pets once they know they can trust their carer.  Harry's brothers and sister are still waiting for a home (Timmy, Jinx and Magic).

Here is Jo's update:

When Harry came to us he was very frightened and hid behind the couch for about three weeks, even the sound of a light switch being turned on made his fur stand on end.  Slowly I made progress with him speaking to him every time I entered the room and feeding him treats!

As the weeks went by he progressed more and more and I have to say he is such a character.  I knew he would improve but never did I expect him to cuddle up with me on the couch!  He follows me everywhere, he's made friends with my three other cats and even copes when people visit the house letting them stroke him.  Not only that but he really puts a smile on everyone's face with his funny quirks like putting his paw in your drink when your not looking! 

I'm very proud of how far he's come I was shocked when he started going outside as I didn't think he would ever leave the house considering how scared he was to begin with. It just shows if you're willing to put the work in that you can help turn a little fellow's life around and they give so much back.  Harry puts a smile on my face every day. I'm just glad I could help him come this far.  He's doing really well, he's so happy I even pick him up! 

Jo (February 2014)


Yin and Yang


Yin and Yang were two six week old kittens that came into our care when found scavenging around bins behind a Take-Away.  Their mother hadn't been seen for a couple of days and the worst was feared.  The kittens were trembling, hissing and spitting bundles of fur so were given a few of days to settle in their foster cage before attempts were made to touch them.  Then the plunge was taken and despite their small and fiercesome spits and paw waving, they were stroked.  Within a few hours they were purring and responding to gentle touch.  From then on they loved human interaction and attention.  When they outgrew their immediate foster home we needed somewhere that would allow more room to run around and play.  Angela came to the rescue and agreed to foster the growing kittens until homes could be found, and here is her update, 18mths later!

Shortly after losing my much loved 18 year old cat, I decided to foster through Feral Cat Welfare.  I felt this was a good choice as I didn't feel ready to become attached to another cat so soon and my house was up for sale so could help them temporarily.  I was expecting a quiet older adult but was asked to foster Yin and Yang, two lively youngsters who needed more interaction in a home environment.  Two months later, having got under my skin, I knew I just had to adopt them!  House hunting then took on a different meaning - priorities changed and I found myself focussing on what would "be good for the boys".  Finally I bought a place that needed lots of work (every room needed gutting) but had the most wonderful outdoor space overlooking fields.  The boys were kept in for three months whilst building work was completed to knock a new doorway into the kitchen which would allow them access straight into the garden.  In that time they took refuge in my bedroom wardrobe, only ever coming out when I was present and being very soppy.  

Eighteen months later they absolutely love the outdoor space they have.  The microchip cat flap works a treat and they abide by the rules of being kept in at night.  Even though they have access at all times to the bungalow, they love sleeping in the greenhouse during the day in their customised beds watching the world go by.  Yang is a real "mummy's boy" whilst Yin is the more confident vocal lad.  Yin eats like he hasn't had any food for days at every meal - I suspect he re-lives his early life of never knowing when he will have food.  They are still very timid with people they don't know but have come to accept my parents and will allow to be stroked.

When I get home from work I often walk to the top of the garden to watch the sun setting and am suddenly joined by two four-legged friends with tails in the air.  It's so lovely to see them enjoying their freedom but knowing they have food and a warm bed to come home to.  We are a very happy little family.

Angela (November 2013)

Juliette and Emilia

This mother (top) was living wild with her kittens until we trapped them and brought them into care.  Juliette had to have her coat shaved as it was completely matted and it was difficult to know what to do with her next, knowing that to return her to her semi-feral life would mean her coat becoming matted on a regular basis.  It's always difficult to trap a feral a second time, let alone a third, fourth or fifth!  Luckily we found an indoor home for them where their coats could remain clean and untangled, but after a year we were asked to take them back into our care as their owner felt they were regressing due to the fact she could spend little time with them, and she was also expecting a baby so felt it would be unfair on the cats to have a baby/toddler/child in the house.  They went into our outdoor pen - bought due to a kind legacy - and here they began the taming process.  Joan showed great patience and sensitivity and in no time was able to communicate with them in a way that others of you who have gently socialized semi-feral or timid cats will understand.  After much debate we decided to let them out of the pen and into Joan's garden where they could mingle with Joans other cats.  Feral and semi-feral cats usually feel more confident in the presence of other cats so this helped them along.  This is Joan's latest update (16 September 2013).  A very happy ending for these two gentle cats.

Many of you will remember Juliet and Emilia the lovely long haired semi-feral and her kitten who were returned to us when the adopter seemed to be getting nowhere with them. After much thought and discussion with Sally, I decided to take them on myself and let them out of the pen. This was way back in July, they had short trips out in the garden, for the first time in Emilia's life and the first time in about 2 or 3 years for her mum. Over the weeks, the trips became longer and longer until a month or so ago they decided that they really didn't want a pen at all, preferring instead to remain outside under bushes, in Mr Snugs beds and eating in a substantial dog kennel, again a kind donation, ---- even when it was throwing it down with rain. They now run to greet me every morning, they have ventured into our kitchen (very briefly) and into our neighbours' kitchen too. This morning I decided to see if I could lift them a few inches off the ground. Emilia loved it and snuggled up in my arms for a cuddle. Juliet allowed me to lift her a couple of inches before I gently put her back down ---- no fuss, no struggle, no hissing and spitting! I'm hoping that they will come indoors before the dreaded Bonfire Night, even for a few hours and that eventually they will stay in for longer periods of time. They know my own cats, Bagheera loves them ---- in fact he loves everyone --- and the others are quite happy to let them wander around their territory. To anyone out there who has a feral ---- don't give up because some of them will turn the corner in time.

(Joan, September 2013)

Update November 2013:  These two lovely cats have now moved indoors and are enjoying home comforts!

Maddie and Mitzie

A further update on this mother and her grown kitten who still remain close.  See further down for original story.  They were very settled living indoors with their fosterer so we rehomed them to an indoor situation.


Hi There

Just a couple of pics of the girls enjoying a relaxing day in the sun both enjoying themselves they sit for hours looking out with no problems and no trying to escape they both seem to enjoy being indoors cats but that could be down to us spoiling them rotten though. Hope everything is going well at your end and thanks for allowing us to take on Maddie & Mitzie it has been a long slow road for Maddie to learn to relax but we have finally got there once again thank you for these 2 terrors.

Dave & Sheila (June 2013)


  Jeeves and Wooster

now Pippin and Pod

We adopted two male cats from Feral Cat Welfare in Leeds about six months ago and I'm delighted to say that they have settled happily into their new home and have become an important part of our family. To begin with, as instructed, we kept Pippin and Pod in a large outdoor pen for a month. Once they were acclimatised and released, they slowly explored the garden and house. We have two big dogs (also from a rescue charity) but the cats spent no time at all in telling them who was in charge.

Our new, "feral" cats quickly realised that the cosiest place in the house was on the rug in front of our woodburning stove, so within an hour or two, the outdoor pen was abandoned and they moved into the living room. Both cats are black and white and their distinctive sleek forms are often seen roaming the lanes and hedgerows up to half a mile from the cottage. Our neighbour, a dairy farmer, has been delighted to see the new cats enthusiastically helping out in the constant battle against rodents around the feed and grain stores. However, we'd be a little bit happier if their instinct didn't also include bringing back their half-eaten trophies to show us.

Both cats are instinctively inquisitive, always nosing around when something new is going on. Whilst we were having a new kitchen window fitted, they discovered that the new, huge hole in the wall was a quick and convenient way to get outside. Whilst we were having dinner later in the evening, a loud bang on the glass made us all jump. We did chuckle, though, when we realised that a cat had tried to use the window as an entrance… several hours after the glass had been fitted.

Pippin, the cat with the black spot on his nose, has a bizarre habit of following us when we take the dogs for their daily walk. This can be funny, but whilst the dogs will walk to heel and sit calmly when a car goes past, Pippin struts about in the middle of the road, unperturbed by the traffic chaos, confusing the drivers and completely ignoring any request to get out of the way. Most afternoons, Pippin jumps up when the dogs are leaving and follows us for about a quarter of a mile along the lane. He sits in the hedge whilst we go on to do our longer loop, and creeps out when we arrive back. He touches noses with each dog in turn then (embarrassingly) tracks us back home, keeping several yards behind. My son laughs when he sees the entourage returning along the lane.

We'd like to thank the Feral Cat Welfare for providing us with two fabulous cats. Pippin and Pod are affectionate and healthy animals with a great deal of character.

                                                                                                  Gordon and Kathryn (31 May 2013)



Agatha Christie (in foreground and previously known as Pudding) came to me in January after one of my three cats was put to sleep. I was devastated when my beloved Phoebe had to be pts but found the house had felt empty without a third cat. I went to see Aggie a couple of times, all three of her pen mates were very outgoing, but she would hide at the back of the pen and tap your hand if you put it near. The theory was that she may do better on her own without her bolder siblings. She had had a rough start on a travellers' site.  It was a risk, especially as I have two others (much older) but I had a good feeling about her and thought she deserved a chance of a loving home. Firstly, I set up the boxroom as a little safe room for her and she really didn't come out of the open carrier in my presence for a good few days. I would feed her bits of ham, often through the gaps in the carrier. It was obvious she was interested but very timid.  Fortunately she likes her food!  I then started to try and tempt her out with toys but she was very wary.  I almost forgot there was a cat in there but for the odd paw that would appear. One day I left the door ajar as I went to fill her water bowl, turned around and she was out of her carrier and she didn't leg it. My heart leapt, it felt like a break through. Gradually over the coming weeks I'd leave the door ajar to see if she was interested.  Thankfully she is very nosey! Then she started to come out when we were in the room together, once that happened it didn't take long for me to be able to stroke her and she does love a fuss.  It was a huge sense of achievement and we have developed a special bond. Every time she did something new it was so rewarding. There were a few set backs, like the time she got spooked got under the bath and wouldn't come out! But she has come such a long way. I introduced her gradually to my existing cats and there haven't been any major traumas. Now she is fully integrated into the family. It's unbelievable to think she is the same cat, she loves cuddling up on the sofa and sleeping in the bed with Lotte. Now she goes into the garden for short stints, it's enclosed which is good, and she tends to just play. She loves it and has discovered a penchant for digging so the garden now looks like a construction site :D she also loves the little cloth mouse that Tumble, a stray that I had looked after last year, loved.  It is a little the worse for wear now, but she looks so cute when she carries it around in her mouth. There are a few more hurdles, she doesn't know what to make of it if you try to pick her up but I think she's getting better. She has come such a long way in four months.  She has come some way to healing the hurt from Phoebe passing away.  I like to think we've helped each other. Sally told me how affectionate feral cats can be once integrated and she was absolutely right. They need time and patience but it's so worth it.  I love her to bits.

Rebecca (30 May 2013)



Angel was a cat that was being given away on the internet, to anyone, unneutered.  We took her into care to prevent her from being abandoned or used to produce kittens to sell on the same website - an unfortunate but very real ongoing problem.  Angel was spayed and rehomed to a caring couple who had recently lost their beloved cat.  She has definitely fallen on her paws and is now a much loved, much wanted member of the family.  Latest update below.



November 2013

Just sending you some pics of Angel- she is utterly adorable and is very well loved. The one where she is on Andy's knee is from this morning; the first time she has willingly been so happy to sit on his knee and be fussed.
She is a lovely cat, yesterday she ran around on the green as I was out there with her, very cute and funny. Hope things are ok with you and you have found new homes for some of the cats.
April 2013

Angel is fab!  She's doing really well and settling in nicely.  This is a photo  Andy took of her in the sink, she loves it and likes putting her mouth under the tap to catch drips.  She bombs up and down the stairs most of the day!  Wow, she is fast!  She's now eating really well and we sleep in the bedroom with her, it works very well.  She loves her room and if something scares her she hides in there for a while but is a very loving and affectionate little cat - she's adorable and we love her to bits.  She's so funny and cute!  Hope you're well and lots of puss cats are getting new homes.

Michelle and Andy (22 April 2013)


This lovely kitten was born in our care.  His mother was a domestic pet that had been shut outdoors, heavily pregnant.  A neighbour brought her into our care as a matter of urgency and a few days later she gave birth to six kittens.  Three of the kittens have found lovely homes and three are still waiting patiently for the right home to come along.  Bertie's new owners have sent us this happy update:


Above: Bertie happy in his new home 

Above: 'Bertie' zonked out after hours of madly dashing around the house after balls of rolled up newspaper... phew !  - in his cosy cat blanket on the sofa.

Bertie is a happy bean... out of his toys - typically he likes plain old string best, holding onto to it with all his might as you can see.

He has not stopped purring, I think his purr button is stuck on!  He has ignored his chenille 'donut' bed - and decided to get into our deep wicker basket, so his little soft blanket has gone in the bottom and its been placed by the radiator and he goes in it for naps.  Today he came and sat by me on the sofa for the first time, and stretched out on his back for his tummy to be stroked, then fell asleep upside down with his paws across me.
He loves exploring, sitting by the french doors watching the birds whilst eating his biscuits... and dashing to his bowl for his morning and afternoon spoonful of tuna.
He drinks lots of water - (must like the Staveley valley water) and has used his cat litter tray properly !!
George adores him already and they have great fun playing together.
We will be in touch with the vet soon to book him in for the unmentionable! along with a chip - ready for a cat flap to be fitted etc.
Thanks for everything - and big thanks to Judith and Joan for the long drive and kindness they showed to both Bertie and me.
All the very best
Lucinda  x and George (12 March 2013)


Maddie and Mitzie

Maddie was an abandoned cat who was found walking down a street with a newborn kitten in her mouth.  No other kittens could be found when the area was searched.   The local residents who fed Maddie knew who she belonged to but informed us that she'd been forced to live outside a year earlier and was unwanted by her owners.  Maddie was fortunately taken in to the garage of one of the residents until we could find emergency accommodation for her.  She and her kitten Mitzie have recently been rehomed and are now living a secure and happy life.

Just an update on the two terrors Maddie and Mitzie who have taken over our home and especially our bed!  They have both settled in now and only seem surprised by the post coming through the door.  We don't think Mitzie has seen a TV before as every time she walks into a room were the TV is on she freezes for a couple of seconds, and when she spots the washing machine spinning she watches it amazed!  Maddie has finally got used to us moving around the house and realises we are not going to hurt her.  She has even come up to us and rolled onto her back so we can rub her belly albeit not for long but a step in the right direction. When we agreed to take these two on you didn't warn us they were as gentle as a couple of elephant's when they chase each other around the house! But it is really nice to see them, especially Maddie as she has come out of her shell so much and is really learning to play, not just with Mitzie but on her own chasing a ball around. We will keep you updated with any more progress later.

Dave and Sheila (13 March 2013)


Harry, Harriet and Blue

These three cats came to us as feral kittens in 2012. They were very poorly with flu and had to stay at the vets receiving intensive treatment for a week before going to our fosterer.  Their fosterer managed to bring them round with her patience and care until all three were lucky enough to be offered a home together.  Here are the latest photos and an update from their owner who has built up a wonderful and very close bond with all three.  


Harry, Harriet and Blue, did, as expected take a while to get full confidence. It was very interesting that it was not us that caused their concern, but the new found space which they found so daunting! However, no such fears now but still very shy of strangers, which is a good thing.

Blue--- well he has always been the bravest. he loves to hide in our bed under the throw, he follows me everywhere-- even to the toilet! He is a bit naughty at times and can be bossy and eat Harry and Harriet's food but he is so loving with a very special character.
Harry---- he is huge. Wonderful big feet, so gentle, he loves a big cuddle and lots of scratching on his neck, he rolls on to his back and has the biggest purr ever.
Harriet--- still a little timid in some ways. She stays out the most and hunts the most.  Although she is a little shy, she is the one that will come and sit on my lap every night.
All very different, but wonderful, balanced, calm cats, they trust us totally and enjoy a daily walk round the garden. They still prefer me to be with them when we venture further and stay close to my side at all times. They are wonderful company, you did a good job and I promise I will always take great care of them.
Georgie Marks (17 December 2012)

Chivers, Flicka and Flame

Brother Chivers and sisters Flicka and Flame were lucky enough to be rehomed together as kittens in July 2011 - to a home in Scotland!  It was lovely to receive these photos and update just before Christmas and see them happy and settled.  Their mother Bluebell (pictures further down!) also found a wonderful home.


Thought we'd take a moment to wish you both All The Best for Christmas and let you see how the three young 'uns are doing. Amora, (now called Flicka) was diagnosed by our FORMER vet as having Feline Infective Peritonitis and thankfully this proved to be a wrong diagnosis. We got a second opinion and now she's thriving. Alona (now Flame) is very busy keeping everyone in order and takes no complaints from anyone. Jacy (now Chivers) has grown to be a really stocky young feller and thoroughly enjoys wrestling matches with his bosom buddy and pal, Benson. Chivers was very nervous about going out into the big world at first, but over about three months he came to love the garden and it's impossible to keep him in. We had some snow a few weeks ago and he wasn't very sure about that until he plucked up the courage to check it out and then realised it could be fun.

I've attached some photos to show you how they're all doing. Hope you like them. If you get a moment we'd love to here how Bluebell is doing. (She's the wallpaper on my mobile phone!).

Ann and Michael Cantral (23 December 2012)

 Saffron and Mimosa




These two affectionate cats were once extremely timid and untouchable strays born to a feral mother who has since been rehomed (and who has also become tame and loving).  You can read their story at the bottom of the page but this is their most recent update from their caring owners (December 2012).

Just to let you know that Saffron and Mimosa are still doing well. Their paws are definitely under the table and they boss us around without mercy. Saf is still long and lean and hyper-active- she loves being outside in the garden: Mims, on the other hand is a chunky little lass and loves her home comforts, particularly radiator covers for snoozing.

Mims likes to 'help' with Christmas preparations like wrapping, but destroying the paper is much more fun!  All this activity gets too much for them and frequent naps are in order. They remain a source of delight with their affectionate natures and mad antics.

Whittaker family (16 December 2012)


 Treacle and Pepsi



Two kittens who were born outside were fortunate to be rehomed recently after several months in our care.  Despite their adorable natures these kittens were overlooked several times due to being black and other kittens with more colourful or patterned coats were given precedence!  Their new carer reports:

The kittens are gorgeous! Renamed Denby and Tallulah, they are settling in very well indeed.  So much for keeping them in one room, they didn't like that much and are happily exploring the whole house now.  Denby is very friendly and loves jumping onto my lap for a cuddle, Tallulah is much more timid, but is slowly coming out of her shell, she is just so playful. I am delighted with them, they are so beautiful and such sweet-natured cats.  

Claire (20 November 2012)

 Jess and Crystal


Jess (top) and Crystal kissing resident cat Jasper (above) 

Jess had been in our care for a long time and was constantly overlooked.  She was handed in to us as an unspayed 6mth old female no longer wanted by her family as the novelty of having a kitten had worn off.  Luckily Beth came along and offered Jess a home.  She is now loved and has the added luxury of a catflap which means she will never be shut outdoors again.  Crystal was a thin 6 wk old kitten that was seen dashing across a busy road.  She was perfectly tame so again was possibly another unwanted pet.  No other kittens could be found in the nearby field or surrounding area so we hope she was the only one.  

Here is a report from their new owner: 

As you can see they have all settled in. They are a true joy. Jess is a lot more feisty than any cat I have had before. She had started bullying Jasper a little but since the arrival of Crystal she is kept on her toes and leaves Jasper alone more. They all enjoy chasing each other and Crystal is not a timid kitten and is quite bold in chasing the other two. Crystal is definitely a lap cat or if not always on my lap laid beside me instead. She is a joy to have and so much fun when she plays. I am very happy to have homed these beautiful cats and my home life is far more fun now!

Beth (20 June 2012)




Whiskers is one of five 2 week old kittens who were brought into care along with their mother when they were threatened with abandonment due to the arrival of a baby in the family.   Whiskers was the boldest and cheekiest kitten and was rehomed to a family who wanted a friendly companion to love and cherish.  Here he is playing in the middle of the children's toys.  His new owner says: 

Hi there, just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know how 'Whiskers' is doing - on the first morning and early afternoon he was fairly shy and kept hiding - then after a couple of hours sleep he bounced up and hasn't stopped since!
My daughter is absolutely over the moon with him.  Oh, she was so surprised on Sunday when he was sat on my knee and we told her he was her kitten!  Her little face was so happy, but shocked as well. She's doing really well looking after him and her brother is enjoying having him around too.  One likes to cuddle Whiskers and the other likes to play with him - so between them he's got the best of both worlds!  A very happy ending here in York with our bundle of joy! 

 Vicky (3 March 2012) 



Bluebell was an abandoned pet living in the gardens of a residential estate.  We were asked to help when she moved her two week old litter of four into a garden and the home owner found them later that day.  It was clear why she'd had to move the kittens from their original nest - one had obviously been attacked by either a cat or dog and very sadly died the next day from its injuries.  In our care Bluebell was a loving and affectionate little cat but she remained defensive over her kittens if ever another cat came too close.  We looked for a home where she would be the only cat so that she could truly relax and enjoy home comforts without conflict and were delighted when Jeanne and Chris offered her a home. Here's what they have to say about this lovely, brave little cat. 

We have now had Bluebell 3 months and she has been a delight. She is still very kittenish in her behaviour and loves to play. She also often does things without thinking first like leaping onto my laptop and skidding straight off as if she is on a skateboard. She never takes the logical route across the floor when she can leap from table top to chair arm or side board, often at top speed, when she comes into the house.

She loves to be out in the garden and happily uses the cat flap in the back door. We are surrounded by families of other cats but Bluebell isn't phased by them and has quickly seen them off her territory. She is quite a feisty little cat when it comes to other felines. Next door has a stray Tomcat which has been known to terrorise the others in the neighbourhood. Bluebell has stood her ground with him and my neighbour has told me that her cats have had fewer problems with him since Bluebells' arrival.

Despite this she is very gentle in the house and although she has not yet chosen to sit on our knees, she readily purrs and is very friendly with visitors.   We have had no problems with her settling in with us and the house is a happy cat's house once again.

 Jeanne and Chris (10 February 2012)

Salem and Cobi 


Two more timid cats who have been lucky enough to be chosen despite their nervousness and who are now living a life of luxury with their doting owner.  Here is their happy update (22 January 2012)

Coby, Salem and I are getting along fine.  The first week was tough because they did hide all the time but things are much better now. They are both very inquisitive and this often gets the better of them when I'm working in the office!
Coby (black/white) is definately the 'leader' but Salem is the little rascal, often tormenting Coby, and is very funny when he's having his nightly mad half hour.
The first few nights were interesting as they seemed to enjoy singing at the top of their voices in the early hours! It took alot of will power for me to stay out of the room...anyway we're over that now.
Both of them come running when it's feeding time and let me stroke them which causes them both the flip onto their backs for tummy tickles but they still don't like being picked up :o(
The office has many things for them get upto mischief with - Coby managed to change the orientation of my laptop from landscape to being on it's side - I had to spend 20 mins with my head cocked using Google to change it back. He also loves to sleep on top of the printer where the paper comes out and taking paper out of the shredder! 

This weekend because they have been so good I've let them go into the living room - Coby hides for a while behind the sofa but can't resist sitting in the window looking at all the comings and goings. Salem spends most of his time playing up and down the stairs and running round as fast as he can.

They are now following me around especially when they see me going into a room where they've still not been able to investigate.  

Debbie (22 January 2012)  


Hetty and Homer



These two cats were abandoned when their owner moved away.  Hetty produced a litter of kittens in the garden and unfortunately, before we could find foster space for them, the RSPCA removed the 5wk old kittens but left Hetty behind. She spent several days searching for her babies which was a pitiful sight to see, and it wasn't long before four unneutered tom cats were following her around attempting to mate again.   Luckily a kind lady was feeding the cats and brought her unhappy situation to our attention.  We were able to eventually take Hetty and Homer into our care, and trapped and neutered one of the males.  The remaining two have been elusive and still need to be trapped and neutered.  After a while in our care these two loving cats were offered a wonderful home.  Here is their update.

The cats are having a great time here.  We kept them in the living room for about a week, then slowly introduced them to our other 2 cats. A bit of hissing and growling to start with, but they all seem fine now. Our shy cat has actually come out of her shell since Hettie and Homer (Oscar) arrived. Our new cats have settled in very well; they are the most loving pets I have ever seen. They have their giddy hour about 9pm, when they play fight, and chase each other all over the place.

I am enclosing some photos for you to use; we DO have a very happy ending!  

Anthony and Wendy (4 December 2011)




Felix was fostered by a volunteer of Feral Cat Welfare when he was seen being kicked into the air by his owner.  A passer-by intervened and offered to take Felix, then contacted FCW.  We had no room to take him but our volunteer made an extra effort and settled him into her porch.  He was eventually rehomed, despite his tendency to nip - something he had probably learned to do in his previous home to defend himself.  Here is a lovely update from his new owners (26 October 2011)


Felix has settled well into his new home. At start he was a little wary of who he was with but within a few days he was very comfortable around us. Recently we let him go out and adventure, and as we live in the countryside he absolutely loves it!! We didn't know how much he loved his cat nip mouse and Mr Potato Head glasses that came with him when he was delivered by Feral Cat Welfare; he goes crackers with them! Shutting the cat flap is necessary as he wants to go out all the time.  He has a very mischievous personality and he's always up to something. But his warm, loving personality lights up the room and makes you want to cuddle him! Felix loves his cat treats and is so energetic at night-time, shooting from the stairs to the kitchen within half a second! But in less than half an hour he flops out on his favourite rocking chair for the rest of the night. We love having him with us! 

Peter, Anne, Emma (26 October 2011) 

Fred and Ginger

Fred and Ginger were 8mth old male and female semi-feral kittens that were struggling to survive along with other feral cats in the streets of Leeds.  Although they had been taken in for neutering and socializing they were remaining timid and untouchable.  Fortunately they were offered a home where their main job would be to deter the rabbits from eating the foliage of an ornamental garden and they have taken their new responsibilities very seriously!  They are also becoming much more confident with their "employer", Alison.  

Below is a photo taken from a distance after the first few days showing the two cats looking with interest at their new home from the safety of their outbuilding.  A mesh door was fixed to the door frame and the kittens were confined four weeks while they adjusted to the move.



Alison has just sent us this update about Ginger who has discovered the benefits of trust! 

"Great, isn't it! She won't be stroked or touched by a hand, but over the last three days has started to rub against my legs, come and sit on the sofa with me - and today curled up on my lap, purring.  Her brother is still pretty wary, but he's gradually getting a little less nervous around me.The rabbits have found pastures new, and the cats are catching mice aplenty. A great success!  

Alison (23 August 2011)






Visitors to the site may remember Tigerlilly, an affectionate five year old cat who had spent the past four years giving birth to kittens, twice a year.  Her owner eventually wanted to rehome her, but she was already pregnant and had another litter of kittens in our care.  She seemed to be literally drained of energy and although she did a good job rearing her kittens it was clear she also wanted to get away from them.   As soon as her kittens were weaned she was spayed and rehomed.  Here is her lovely update:  

Tigerlilly has settled so well it feels like she has been with us for years. She is a true lady and full of character. She loves to sit on the chair arm at night or curl up on my knee to enjoy strokes. She is so affectionate and gives regular kisses. She still squawks like a bird which is funny, but just adds to her character. Tigerlilly will eat until she pops and loves to follow you around the kitchen.

Tigerlilly loves company and sitting in the window watching the world go by. She curls up in her bed now and purrs the hours away as a lady of luxury. It really hasn't taken long for her to find her feet and she has amazed both my partner and I!

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect cat, and are proud to give this lady a chance to live her life to the full, rather than just mothering kittens. I think Tigerlilly has adjusted to her new life perfectly and is enjoying pampering. Thank you to all at FCW who have given cats like Tigerlilly a chance of a better life!

Nicolla (4 July 2011)


Lucas and Hannah


Charlie and his grown kitten, Alice, (once Lucas and Hannah), were two of five very timid cats left homeless when their owner died.  They had not seen many other people and were terrified when we first took them into our care. With patience, our fosterer gained their trust and although still nervous of strangers these two lucky cats were offered a home. They have been in their new home for a fortnight now and here is an update. You can see from the photo why we try not to split cats up who we know love and depend on each other!  

Alice and Charlie are settling in well! They are still a little nervous when we go in and out of the room or when the phone rings/door knocks but other than that are doing really well. They both hid from us at first but after alot of bribes with treats they soon came round! Charlie was happy for us to stroke him straight away from the safety of behind the sofa and Alice took four days - I was expecting it to take much longer than that! They both love cuddling up together on the sofa and Alice adores her dad! If he's doing something then she has to be doing it too! She looks to him for reassurance quite a bit. If you stop stroking Charlie he'll nudge you and look at you as if to say, 'did I say stop?!' Alice can't sit still for a minute if she's on your lap! She climbs all over you, smacks you in the face with her tail, nudges you and flings herself all over the place! They are both very sweet, loving cats and Charlie is like a gentle giant!  

Emmajane (30 May 2011)


Mimosa and Saffron 


These two cats came into our care as feral kittens.  After almost a year they have found their perfect home.  Click here to read their diary!




Having a wash - upside down and double-jointed!

Neo is a young cat who was scavenging for scraps of food around dustbins when he was only a few months old, along with his mother Mia, and sister, Tula (still in our care and waiting for a home together!).  He was very timid at first but in time became more trusting with his fosterer.  We knew that by rehoming him on his own he would lose his confidence, but we also knew that by rehoming him to the right people, who were willing to give Neo the patience and care he needed, he would blossom into the lovely, affectionate cat we knew he was.  Here is a recent update (22 April 2011)

I'd just like to drop you a line about Neo, the timid feral cat you delivered to us three months ago. I wouldn't call him a timid cat now! He follows us around the house looking for cuddles and tickles. At night he comes into the bedroom just to check we are still here. When we use the lap top he gets jealous and sits on the keys.

He knows his name and will look at you immediately when you call him - then decides whether to acknowledge you or look away.  He is a very independent cat. He goes out for hours at a time and has been spotted half a mile away in the fields.  He has two cat friends who follow him everywhere but he is very fussy about people. You have to earn his trust before he will let you touch him. It took my husband six weeks and  me nearly three months before we were considered worthy and as yet my parents have no chance.


He has never once hissed, scratched or bitten - even when we cornered him and pushed him through the cat flap for the first time! (it took a while for him to understand the funny plastic window). He is now like a teenager with his first key to the house. He comes in and out constantly just because he can. 


He has disgraced himself once by bringing home a half eaten mouse - but what can you do - he has instincts!  The only mountain we have left to climb is the worming tablet every 6 months - the vet gave him the last one but I am sure I can hide the next one in his favourite treat - duck pate.


In summary he is a fantastic cat - full of character and a wonderful personality. I would highly recommend the Feral Cat Welfare as an adoption agency. We were matched perfectly with Neo and he is a loyal member of our family. I look around at other cats who run up to strangers for a stroke and a fuss and just smile - ours has more loyalty than that!



Dusty and Flint

Brotherly love

Dusty and Flint were 8wk old feral kittens when they came into our care.  They were cared for by a fosterer who invested a great deal of time in gaining their trust until they were rehomed.  Here is a happy report from their new owners: 


Last November we lost both our cats within a space of weeks to a deadly contagious virus called F.I.P (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).  We were devastated.  They were beautiful, loyal and faithful, more like dogs in that sense.  We knew we could not live without a cat and even though it was so painful to lose ours we wanted to give a home to a cat in need which is why we contacted Feral Cat Welfare.  We visited Dusty and Flint in their foster home and wanted them straight away but we were advised to wait six weeks, the time suggested to leave a home cat-free after an infection of FIP.  We were very excited when the day came for their delivery.


When they first arrived we expected them to hide, so we had prepared some hiding places within the room they were to settle in initially. The cat baskets were opened and we were greeted with two panic stricken balls of fur, wide eyed and scared to death. We were not prepared for them both to flee and squeeze themselves behind a tall bookcase into a space we thought only a mouse may be able to fit! We gently pulled out the bookcase to reveal a frightened aptly named "Dusty" and some dust (shame) peeking out with Flint right behind him!  At the end of the day we wondered if anyone had actually brought the cats or if we just dreamt it! The room was adorned with a state of the art scratching post, luxury cat bed, and many toys all untouched. The disappointed humans went to bed.


The next day, Flint slowly edged his way from behind the bookcase as I sat on the sofa waving a cat toy around the room, (thank goodness or the neighbours would have certified me!!).  Flint could not resist and made a play for the toy!  Dusty stayed in his hiding place but peeked out and watched in horror as his brother played with the humans!  But as soon as anyone moved in the room they fled back behind the bookcase.


A lovely moment after four days, Flint let us stroke him, he rolled over on his tummy and has enjoyed a good mauling from the humans ever since!  Once they had got used to our moving around the room we attempted the radio, but even Classic FM didn't work, straight back behind the bookcase!! TV, and straight back in hiding again! Two to three weeks later they did tolerate the TV on low and it was funny to watch Flint who, when the TV was turned off, pawed at the screen and walked round and round, he coudn't understand where the picure had gone!!


After three to four weeks Dusty jumped up onto the sofa next to me.  I was thrilled, he even allowed me to stroke him!  Unfortunately the next day he suffered memory loss and as I reached out to touch him he fled and looked at me as if to say "Who are you"??!!!


Compared to those early days the boys have really blossomed, they now have the run of the house and enjoy knocking off all sorts of ornaments!! Flint as you may have gathered is more confident than Dusty but they are both adorable and have enhanced our lives richly. It's amazing to see what you can achieve with a little effort. A big difference has been made with Dusty but to help him on his way, at their vaccination appointment the vet asked us if we would like to try a drug (Zylkene) short term to reduce his stress.  This has helped him to relax and we can now pick him up.  In 3 weeks we will let them out.  Being kept indoors for so long has definitely helped them to be more social with humans. I'd like to say a special thanks to Joan for all the encouraging texts from her and what a fantastic job she did fostering them.

Gill and Dave



Mitzi was reported to us by two different callers on one evening as she was seen being chased and attacked by four unneutered tom cats, no doubt doing what came naturally to them at this time of year.  She had been in the area for a while but seemed to belong to no-one.  Fortunately we were able to take her in and get her spayed the next day so this little girl won't be adding to the problem of feral kittens born outdoors this spring.  It wasn't long before she was offered a home and here is her update.  

Mitzi has settled well - is certainly very cheeky and a character and is giving Mark much amusement as my boys were 5 when he met me so they were already through the kitten stage so he's not seen it before. In fact he's pathetic!  He is going round telling everyone how much she prefers men to women as is much cuddlier with him (?) but hey ho, if it keeps him quiet what the heck!  She is in her "own room" at bed time for now, but at 4 am ( not 3 or 5) she squeaks continually and jumps at the door handle and drives us nuts.  "Daddy" gets in with her and they both then snuggle for 2 1/2 hours so me n Murf get some peace :)

Murfi is coming round gradually, slowly but surely.  Two weeks on and he is definitely better, but I do still think given the choice he would buy her a bus ticket back to Gipton!  He is a good boy though he just cannot understand why she kept running at him, but she only wanted to play.  Luckily they have not been left alone to deal with the situation.  Lots of biccys and TLC have helped.

I am attaching a picture of our "pussy kennel" which Mark spent ages doing the weekend before we got her even though he was full of cold and felt rubbish!  Also attaching one of her in our conservatory which has been on facebook now for a while and attracted some very favourable comments!  



 Skye and Tinkerbell

Skye and Tinkerbell in their new home
Skye was an 8wk old feral kitten when we trapped her in a garden along with her brothers and tame mother.  As the boys gained in confidence Skye remained very timid until until her fosterer was able to provide her with quality time.  When her brothers were recently offered a home together we were worried that Skye would be left alone, but fortunately she was spotted by Jill who had come to choose another kitten, Tinkerbell, from the foster home.  Jill has now given Skye and Tinkerbell a lovely start to 2011 as you can read below:
I fell in love with Tinkerbell when I saw her on the website and couldn't resist Skye when I saw her pretty face.  I have always had a soft spot for tabby cats and sadly lost my 18 year old feral tabby cat in March.  After only four days, Tinkerbell and Skye have settled really well. Tinkerbell is very confident and whizzes and jumps everywhere.  She enjoys all the toys - and my fingers!  Skye, after a shy start, is becoming more confident and beginning to put Tinkerbell in her place.  She is also becoming more trusting and comes to me to be stroked.  I am gradually introducing them to my other two cats, a very old friendly chap and a three year old princess. I'm sure they will bring me lots of happiness.  A big thank you to Joan, who fostered them and obviously gave them both a great start.  2011 is going to be very lively in my house, joy!


Chad and Merlin 



Chad, approx 4yrs old and living on the streets of Bradford, and Merlin, a one year old indoor cat who was threatened with abandonment, have found a new home together!  They were being fostered separately but when they were both offered a home we carried out a trial run and introduced them to each other at one of the foster homes.  After gentle integration it was clear they would get on well together.  Their owner reports: 

Just thought I would let you know how lovely the cats are.  Merlin is a little love and follows me around everywhere although he seems to have a litter tray fetish, every time he or Chad uses it he spends ages tidying it up!!  Chad just wants to be inside in comfort and is quite a lazy boy but lovely.

It's like having two toddlers in the house again, toys everywhere, lots of running up and down stairs and playfighting, it's great.


Portia and Shadow, now Susie and Bertie 

Portia was an abandoned unneutered pet who had given birth to a litter of kittens in a garden.  FCW trapped the nervous 8wk old kittens and brought them into their care along with their tame mother.  We are pleased to report that Portia (now Susie) and her most nervous kitten, Shadow, (now Bertie) have been rehomed together.  You can see how happy they are in their new home and how Bertie has come along in leaps and bounds. Here is a lovely update from their new owner (5 September):


We thought you'd appreciate an update on the kittycats.  All is going wonderfully and they are a joy!  Susie is so affectionate with us and Bertie, whilst still very timid, is much braver than he was and has started to sniff us and has stopped hiding when we come in and out the room.  He loves playing with us, particularly with the fishing rod with a bell and feather.  Susie, we've discovered, is a catnip fiend and it's quite astonishing seeing her go bananas after a chew on a catnip mouse!

We've let them wander around the downstairs and to run up and down the stairs and they are enjoying having a little more to explore, although Bertie is definitely the braver one.  In fact Susie worries when she can't see him and 'calls' to him.  She's quite protective of him but still thinks nothing of giving him a nip when he wants more of the armchair than she's prepared to give up!  And she gave him a face and ear wash today that was of mammouth proportions; like all little boys, Bertie was not impressed with the ear wash!!

They are both very well and eating, sleeping, playing and being generally gorgeous. 

I hope you are well and that the remaining kittens didn't pine too much for their Mum.  Tell them she's safe and well and currently preparing us a big smelly treat in the litter tray!

Keep up your fantastic work and I'll email you again sometime soon.


 Beano, Dandy and Fizz

The three older kittens who came to us as untouchable semi-ferals have now well and and truly made their home at the stables where they were relocated in the summer.  This recent update just proves how patience and understanding can make all the difference. 

I thought you might like an up date on the 3 monkeys! All 3 are now enjoying being stroked, Beano has been picked up by Joanne and they adore Comanche the pony. They will accompany her in and out of the field and can be seen nose to nose with her on some occasions! They love to play hide and seek over the muck heap and this week's snow has been a source of great amusement for them. They dash here and there, leaving their paw prints so we can tell where they've been. We have made some cosy beds in the hay so they can keep warm at night and Tootsie, the 18 year old cat, keeps an eye on them, making sure they're wearing their woolly hats and wellies before going out to play! The only problem is that they run around so much at night that they keep fusing the security lights due to excessive turning on and off as they frolic through the beam. Oops! However, they are doing a wonderful job of keeping the vermin away and some morsels have been left for our delectation--- not a pretty sight at 7 in the morning.




The Diary of Saffron and Mimosa

These two young cats were brought into our care as feral kittens and who, after almost a year, have finally found their perfect home.  This is a diary of their first few days in their new home - a totally new experience for them.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saffy and Mimmy are taking their time to assess the situation in their own way- they are still in residence beneath the radiator cover. If anyone had told me that I would be spending a Saturday evening lying on my stomach on the dining room floor crooning to two furry black blobs and tickling them to produce purrs I would not have credited it.

Last night Saffy also spent time playing 'ostrich' with her head in the floor-length curtains and her bottom facing us- without doubt a deliberate comment on her feelings!  At that point Mimmy was being the brave one rearing up on hind legs to have a look about and giving the weight on the curtain cords and experimental pat.  She then got between the cat bed and the skirting and allowed our son to stroke her and was the first to demonstrate that she can purr - and boy has she got a motor!

This morning Saffy showed that she too can rumble away when having her head tickled. Twice she squeezed out while I was lying prone only inches from her and started to have a little explore. Unfortunately, both times my 'fairy-elephant' husband stomped by out in the hall and she ran for [radiator] cover again.
We keep leaving them be for long periods of time and alternating that with simply sitting quietly in the room while having a cup of tea.
During the night our son came down to find that the litter was being used and a large 'gift' had been deposited. I suspect it was Mimosa as she had been creating quite a miasma- a full scale eye watering feline gas cloud. A nervous reaction rather than a deliberate attempt at nerve gas production [ I hope!] 
'Some-one' had also had a trip up the curtains as the valance at the top is fastened by Velcro and obviously had become detached due to a Tarzan style manoeuvre.
The latest news from the dining room is that curiosity is starting to win out. Will keep you posted!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

At  3 pm- exactly 24 hours after arriving Mimosa began to play- she chased after a bit of cord which Dan wiggled for her until she needed a sleep to recover from the exertion. Eventually, Saffron eased herself out from under the radiator and watched from behind the curtain and by 6pm was joining in. Mim is by now allowing Dan to stroke her as she rolls about in the cat play cube [£1.99 @ £Stretcher] batting at the cord. [All cats seem to be suckers for what looks like a rodent tail]

A definite game pattern evolved: Dan would wiggle the cord for Mim to chase and she would eventually carry it off in her mouth to where Saffy waited under the table and they would both play with it. When they dropped it, both looked at Dan to start the game again.  


Mimosa does not run away now when either Dan or I enter the room and Saffron comes out pretty quickly. We keep all movement and speech slow and gentle. The 'fairy elephant' crashing about outside the room still worries them, but they are doing marvellously.
Both are rather keen on cat treats and have just discovered that they really like stuff called Tuna! Got to have something to bribe them with in future!!
We are so glad we took these two, they are obviously devoted to each other and are already starting to fill the cat shaped void in our emotions since the death of a very strong  and well loved feline character.
Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday May 15th and one week plus since 'the girls' took up residence and they have made enormous strides.  We were not expecting them to fall in love with us immediately and become instant lap cats.  At the moment they are becoming toerant of our noises, movements and of our strange human foibles and we are observed loftily and regarded as a source of entertainment.  Now both stand their ground and do not dive for cover when we enter the room quiety and we are almost at the stage where Mim will deign to greet us - the tail goes up in the ? pose and she will sniff an outstretched finger. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Checking that exterior doors are not left open, windows closed and loo seats down is becoming second nature for us as the cats have been roaming the whole house for the last ten days or so.  They began exploring with great trepidation, peering into the bright rectangle through which we disappeared and then feeling their way room by room.  Now they are into everything and nosing everywhere and quite used to having a camera pointed at them - I'll swear they are starting to pose! Just over three weeks into our relationship with 'the girls' and they continue to make great strides towards being normal family cats (and of course the household revolves around them).


As regards interacting with humans - Mim was the first to decide she likes being stroked and  now our son can carry her about, tickle her tummy and administer a fairly robust body massage which she adores. She is starting to allow the rest of us to take some of the same liberties as long as we do not approach her from in front and above. She trusts our son and is learning to trust us, but we are not rushing her. Both cats will skitter about us happily as long as we pretend to ignore them and move at an oblique angle to them. They do like to be talked to - but no sudden moves!   However, tail up greetings and cheek rubbing are becoming the norm for Mimosa.

On the other hand, Saffy remains bolder in exploration, but more shy with humans. It has only been in the last few days that she has decided to allow Dan to stroke her and her purr sounds like the Triumph Tiger Cub motor bike I remember from my youth. She's definitely got at least 100cc revs!  She will sometimes allow strokes when relaxed and on her sideAlthough more reserved, she follows me around and is obviously giving me a thorough checking out and will climb into a patch of bed which I have vacated and curl up on my nightie. I suspect that she and I will eventually form a close bond.

 The nocturnal frolics remain a feature, but where once they were confined to one room, now the mogs charge about the house sounding like a herd of migrating wildebeest and think nothing of using our bed and us as a convenient trampoline to aid their passage.  They are obviously settling in well!

Best Wishes, 
Chris, Dan and Steve.